Why can’t all employees be network administrators?

passwords-keySometimes business owners take what they think is the easy way out and just assign all employees network administrator rights.  This way they won’t be called away from what they are doing to enter in a password when a computer’s software has to be updated, for example.  Mr. CEO might also think, “I hired Joe and I trust him.  He wouldn’t do anything malicious”.  This way of thinking is naive and asking for trouble on your business’ computer network.

When all employees are administrators, each can do anything he/she wants with the configuration of your network’s environment, possibly by mistake.  A window appears asking the administrator to answer yes or no to a question he doesn’t have the faintest clue of how to answer.  He guesses the answer is yes and clicks.  The entire system shuts down and won’t boot up to the desktop.  Now there’s a black screen with white letters and a colon blinking.  Oh no!  Great!  There’s half a day wasted to calling the technical help desk to explain what happened.

Two of your employees were dating (against company policy) but last night they broke up.  Julie is so mad at Sam, she doesn’t care if she loses her job for looking into his employee file.  After all, you gave her access so why not go in and take a look?  Wow!  Look at that!  Sam was written up last month!  Julie decides she is going to post that write up to Sam’s Facebook page.  Without administrative rights, Julie would not have been able to act on her impulse to ruin Sam’s name and might have been able to keep her job.

A company full of administrators is a Hacker’s dream.  A Hacker only has to get one password to install a virus that causes your computer network severe damage.  It’s an adrenaline rush for him but a nightmare for you.  You may not be able to recover your business from such a disaster.

Running a business is hard work.  You may not have the time to give the attention necessary to your business’ technology needs.  Do you know who has administrative rights?  Do you know if the passwords are strong enough to detour a hacker?  Is your anti-virus and anti-malware software up to date and protecting you from outsiders?  Are all your files backed up securely? If you aren’t sure of the answer to these questions, Verus Technologies can do a free network assessment and let you know any areas of concern.  Our Managed Services Plan will maintain your network’s software updates, back-ups, equipment warranties and more, usually remotely so you don’t ever have to be bothered by computer headaches and downtime again.

If you are interested in the Verus Technologies Managed IT Services Plan or know of a business colleague that could benefit from this service, contact us atsales@verustech.com or 214-432-5400 x100.

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