Cyber Liability | Data Breach by Chad Powell, Principal Agent @ SIG/Powell Insurance Group

Sig4You-Logo-300x292You hear about it on the evening news; you see it the headlines on various news sites; you may have even had the misfortune to receive a personal notice via e-mail: “Hundreds or thousands of persons affected by loss of customer/personal data!”

Your business has many customers and their critical information is in your hands where it is stored in the form of pulsing, electronic data that flows back and forth from your server to company desktops, e-mail systems, laptops and mobile devices. It’s likely that you have spent time and money to make sure the information is secure. However, what if the unthinkable happens and, due to a glitch or, worse, hacking, your client information is breached and becomes accessible to unintended parties?

Despite the best security measures and procedures, which you likely have installed and followed, protection in the form of cyber liability and data breach coverage with sufficient limits is an absolute necessity! If you do not already own this valuable protection, it merits your immediate consideration. Contact me!

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