What’s Wrong with Microsoft/Yahoo -vs- Google?

Very few new innovations!

OK, so we’ve all heard the recent news. Microsoft wants Yahoo, Yahoo wants more money, Microsoft doesn’t want Yahoo, Microsoft’s going to take Yahoo, yadda yadda yadda.

So, what’s all the hub bub, and why do we care?

Honestly, I don’t. These companies are all about being the best, being the top, making the most money. I say, this is a bad idea. It means that they each copy eachother, and try to one-up the other just to steal customers and get more advertising dollars.

Who suffers? WE DO!

Why? Because they don’t focus on being great, they just focus on being better. That means we don’t get new innovations very often. They just copy eachother and make their product “a little better”.

Come on guys, leave eachother alone, pay attention to your own products, and go back to the days of unbelievable innovation, new products and new technologies!

We’re ready for something new!

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