Technology has my utmost deference

February 19, 2010

My husband and I are avid Survivor fans.  We have our DVR set so we can watch it after the kids go to bed every Thursday.  Because of a weak spot in technology or user error (most likely the latter), the 2nd episode in the 20th season did not record yesterday!  We thought Survivor wasn’t on because the Winter Olympics were televised. Well, come to find out Survivor was on last night and our DVR did not tape it!  Darn!  As a good Survivor fan knows, no need to worry if you missed an episode; you can watch it on the CBS website.  Woo Hoo!

I then got a grand idea.  Let’s stream the video through our PlayStation 3 so we can still see it on the High Def TV!  We had to learn how to do that first though since we hadn’t done that kind of thing before.  After resetting our router so we could navigate faster, we finally got the URL up.  But no!  The PlayStation had a pop up blocker keeping us from viewing episode 2.  Urgh!

I resorted to the 13” MacBook to view our long lost Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians episode online.  What a sacrifice we had to make!  Fewer and shorter commercials while lying in the comfort of our bed! Ha!

I look back at this dedication to watching our show Survivor.  I was amazed at how different things are today than they were when I was a kid.  A show was on and if you missed it, too bad.  You could maybe read about it in the newspaper if you happened to take it.  Another option would have been to gather around the water fountain at work to talk about what you all saw the night before.

Now I have so many ways to watch the show I adore and I take them for granted.  I was bugged when our DVR failed us.  I was bugged when our internet was working at a snails pace.  I was annoyed when the PS3 wouldn’t let us view it and then was disappointed by having to watch the show on the “tiny” screen on myMacBook.  I say we are truly spoiled.

I just wonder what our world will look like when my kids are in their 30s.  I have a hard time imagining anything beyond the awesomeness of technology today.  I don’t want to take it for granted.  I am grateful I have so many options.  I love technology and want to give thanks for it being a part of our lives.  It deserves respect and after today’s reflection, it has my utmost deference.

Dana Tennyson

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