Symantec Endpoint Error – unable to communicate with the reporting component

Ran across an error on a clean install of Symantec Enterprise Protection 11.0.4 MR4. Installation all went fine, accepted defaults where appropriate, but when launching the console application for the first time, I received the error message :

“Unable to communication with the reporting component”

And the Home, Monitors, and Reports sections of the console display no info. I was unsure what would cause this as we’ve installed SEP 11.0.x numerous times and not run into this problem. I googled it, and found quite a few hits. Still don’t know why it happened here and not other places. This is a Windows 2003 server running in terminal server mode is the only out of the ordinary variable I can think of. Most installs we do are directly on SBS2003.

The first suggestion in this Symantec article worked great for me :…

After entering the info, the Test connection function completed successfully, and upon launching the SEP console, everything looks like it is working fine.


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