How Effective is Your SPAM Filter?

Verus utilizes a cloud based SPAM filtering service for it’s clients.  Here are our stats for Oct 16 – Nov 15:

  • 172,799 Total Emails (100%)
    • 114,288 (66.14%) Identified as guaranteed SPAM and never shown to user
    • 26,656 (15.43%) Quarantined for the user to review
    • 31,855 (18.43%) Sent to the user as non-SPAM messages

So, only 18.43% of messages made it through to the end user.

Ask yourself:

  1. How much SPAM do you get?
  2. Is your current solution properly taking care of the situation?
  3. Does it allow you to work more effectively, or does it cause you to spend valuable time cleaning up your Inbox?

Contact us if you want to get control of your email.

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