Hosted Exchange

Over the years there have been many Hosted Exchange services on the market, the biggest of which is Intermedia.  They have offered a great service, at a competitive price.  In recent years as the market has become more competitive, prices have dropped and service levels have increased.  Intermedia has not done a great job of adjusting to the market.

Verus now offers Hosted Exchange services!  We provide Exchange Server 2010 with Outlook 2010, full Outlook Web Access (fully featured web client) and Microsoft Activesync services (for iPhones, Windows Mobile Phones and others that support this synchronization technology) and UNLIMITED storage, all starting at $15.95 per user per month.  Discounts apply for greater number of users and quarterly billing.

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Also check out our full Managed Services product to get a fixed budget for your IT services that covers everything your organization needs!

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